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conversd - Man Page

Hessu's Tampa Ping-Pong conversd URO modified


conversd [-f] [-t]


This is the Ping-Pong conversd, derived from WAMPES' conversd by Dieter Deyke <deyke@mdddhd.fc.hp.com>. It is also used in the Internet for ham radio conversation groups.

The "standard" TCP port to be used with conversd is 3600. You can change this using the Port directive in the configuration file.



By default, conversd makes itself a daemon by forking itself to the background automatically. The -f parameter disables this behaviour, which can be useful if you need to run it from inittab (respawn) or a looping shell script to restart it after it dies in bugs.


Runs conversd in try-only mode. Reads configuration file, does all initialization, and dies immediately after that. Does not bind the port, accept connections or start linking. Useful for verifying if your configuration is valid after changes, before killing off the running copy and starting a new one.



This is the daemon itself.


Configuration file (self-documenting)


General text. Displayed at connect time.


Motto of the day is displayed at user login (after the /name command).


User /help file


Convers logins/logouts are logged here for the /last command.


User /personals are saved here.


User /nicknames are saved here.


Newer releases of this software might be found here: ftp://n1uro.ampr.org/pub/hamradio/packet/htppu-*.tgz


The Ping-Pong convers package was written by Fred Baumgarten Ā (dc6iq@insu1.etec.uni-karlsruhe.de). Modified and renamed to htppu by Brian Rogers (n1uro@n1uro.net). Original manual page by Michael Meifert (mime@dk3hg.hanse.de). The server was enhanced and renamed to tpp by Brian Lantz. And later, cleaned up, enhanced more and renamed to htpp by Heikki Hannikainen <hessu@hes.iki.fi>. Minor mods and bugfixes by Tony Jenkins G8TBF. Changed to V1.23.


4 May 1994 htpp Ping-Pong Convers Manual