cnfsheadconf - Man Page

Read and write CNFS headers


cnfsheadconf [-hw] [-c class]


cnfsheadconf reads pathetc/cycbuff.conf and pathetc/storage.conf to determine which CNFS buffers are available.  It then reads all of them or the specified cyclic buffer via the -c flag, and modifies the header as directed by the interactive user if -w is used.


-c class

Print the status of the specified class.  It also modifies it in case -w is used.


Print usage information and exit.


Prompt for modifications to make to cycbuff header.


Written by Katsuhiro Kondou <> for InterNetNews.  Converted to POD by Julien Elie.

See Also

cycbuff.conf(5), inn.conf(5), storage.conf(5).


2022-07-10 INN 2.7.1 InterNetNews Documentation