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cimreparchive - Man Page

create an archive copy of the CIM Server repository


cimreparchive archive_file

cimreparchive --help

cimreparchive --version


The cimreparchive command creates an archive copy of the CIM Server repository in the specified archive_file. The archive copy is assured to contain a consistent repository state even if it is created while the CIM Server is running.

The archive_file is created using the tar(1) command.  To restore the repository from the archive_file, stop the cimserver, move the active repository files to a different location, use tar(2) to extract the archived repository files, and restart the cimserver.  (Note that the repository location is printed when an archive file is created.)


cimreparchive recognizes the following options:


Displays the command help message.  


Displays the CIM Server version number.

Exit Status

When an error occurs, an error message is written to the standard error stream and a non-zero exit status value is returned. The following exit status values are defined:




General error


Failed to initiate archive operation


Archive operation failed

See Also

cimserver(8), tar(1).