chunkd man page

chunkd — single-node data storage service


chunkd [options]

chunkd -?|--help


chunkd provides a single-node, networked, key/value data storage service.


-? --help

Shows a short help message.

-C --config

Specify master configuration file.

-D --debug

Set debug verbosity level.  0 == none, 2 == max verbosity.

-E --stderr

Switch logging from syslog to standard error (stderr) output.

-F --foreground

Run daemon in foreground, do not fork.  Commonly used for debugging purposes.

-P --pid

Write daemon process id to specified file.


Carefully free allocated object, rather than letting the operating system clean up after a process exists.  This enables improved tracking by valgrind and similar debugging systems.

-V --version

Print program version, and exit.


chunkd is available over the Web at


July 2010 Project Hail