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Since several years I used to use a own repository of scripts to analyze network traffic. First I started with plain tcpdump, tcptrace, tcpslice, tcpstat and the other tools. After some years I started to wrote an own set of scripts, starting with Perl and later also some Ruby scripts. Before I forget, of course, a few C programs are also in the collection. Captcp is the attempt to rewrite the scripts in Python.

This documentation is also avaiable in PDF form: link:captcp.pdf[PDF file]

Some Words About Packet Analysis

During the years some wisdoms are here collected. You can ignore them, sure, but eventually there are some tricks for you.

Modulse Overview

The script functionality is splitted into submodules. Similar to git, perf and kvm-tool. The following list provides an overview over the currently supported list. If in doubt you can call captcp without any argument to get the full list.

General Synopsis

[verse] ´captcp´ [--help] MODULENAME [ARGS]

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November 2013