caddy-storage - Man Page

Commands for working with Caddy's storage (EXPERIMENTAL)


caddy storage [flags]


Allows exporting and importing Caddy's storage contents. The two commands can be combined in a pipeline to transfer directly from one storage to another:

$ caddy storage export --config Caddyfile.old --output - | > caddy storage import --config --input -

The - argument refers to stdout and stdin, respectively.

NOTE: When importing to or exporting from file_system storage (the default), the command should be run as the user that owns the associated root path.

EXPERIMENTAL: May be changed or removed.


-h, --help[=false] help for storage

See Also

caddy(8), caddy-storage-export(8), caddy-storage-import(8)


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Referenced By

caddy(8), caddy-storage-export(8), caddy-storage-import(8).

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