caddy-start - Man Page

Starts the Caddy process in the background and then returns


caddy start [flags]


Starts the Caddy process, optionally bootstrapped with an initial config file. This command unblocks after the server starts running or fails to run.

If --envfile is specified, an environment file with environment variables in the KEY=VALUE format will be loaded into the Caddy process.

On Windows, the spawned child process will remain attached to the terminal, so closing the window will forcefully stop Caddy; to avoid forgetting this, try using 'caddy run' instead to keep it in the foreground.


-a, --adapter="" Name of config adapter to apply

-c, --config="" Configuration file

--envfile=[] Environment file(s) to load

-h, --help[=false] help for start

--pidfile="" Path of file to which to write process ID

-w, --watch[=false] Reload changed config file automatically

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