caddy-fmt - Man Page

Formats a Caddyfile


caddy fmt [flags]


Formats the Caddyfile by adding proper indentation and spaces to improve human readability. It prints the result to stdout.

If --overwrite is specified, the output will be written to the config file directly instead of printing it.

If --diff is specified, the output will be compared against the input, and lines will be prefixed with '-' and '+' where they differ. Note that unchanged lines are prefixed with two spaces for alignment, and that this is not a valid patch format.

If you wish you use stdin instead of a regular file, use - as the path. When reading from stdin, the --overwrite flag has no effect: the result is always printed to stdout.


-d, --diff[=false] Print the differences between the input file and the formatted output

-h, --help[=false] help for fmt

-w, --overwrite[=false] Overwrite the input file with the results

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