caddy-file-server - Man Page

Spins up a production-ready file server


caddy file-server [flags]


A simple but production-ready file server. Useful for quick deployments, demos, and development.

The listener's socket address can be customized with the --listen flag.

If a domain name is specified with --domain, the default listener address will be changed to the HTTPS port and the server will use HTTPS. If using a public domain, ensure A/AAAA records are properly configured before using this option.

If --browse is enabled, requests for folders without an index file will respond with a file listing.


-a, --access-log[=false] Enable the access log

-b, --browse[=false] Enable directory browsing

-v, --debug[=false] Enable verbose debug logs

-d, --domain="" Domain name at which to serve the files

-h, --help[=false] help for file-server

-l, --listen="" The address to which to bind the listener

-r, --root="" The path to the root of the site

-t, --templates[=false] Enable template rendering

See Also

caddy(8), caddy-file-server-export-template(8)


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Referenced By

caddy(8), caddy-file-server-export-template(8).

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