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caddy-adapt - Man Page

Adapts a configuration to Caddy's native JSON


caddy adapt --config Ā [--adapter ] [--pretty] [--validate] [--envfile ] [flags]


Adapts a configuration to Caddy's native JSON format and writes the output to stdout, along with any warnings to stderr.

If --pretty is specified, the output will be formatted with indentation for human readability.

If --validate is used, the adapted config will be checked for validity. If the config is invalid, an error will be printed to stderr and a non- zero exit status will be returned.

If --envfile is specified, an environment file with environment variables in the KEY=VALUE format will be loaded into the Caddy process.


-a, --adapter="caddyfile" Name of config adapter

-c, --config="" Configuration file to adapt (required)

--envfile=[] Environment file(s) to load

-h, --help[=false] help for adapt

-p, --pretty[=false] Format the output for human readability

--validate[=false] Validate the output

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