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c-icap-mklmdb - Man Page

simple utility to create LMDB lookup tables


c-icap-mklmdb [ -V ] [ -VV ] [ -d debug_level ] [ -i file.txt ] [ -p db_directory ] [ -n db_name ] [ -t string|int|ip ] [ -v string|int|ip ] [ --dump ] [ --erase ] [ --info ]


c-icap-mklmdb utility can be used to create LMDB based lookup tables for use with the c-icap server.



Print version


Print build informations

-d debug_level

The debug level

-i file.txt

The file contains the data (required). The line format of this file must be:
key: value1, value2, ....

-p db_directory

The database directory path

-n db_name

A database name to use. Multiple LMDB databases can coexists in the same LMDB files

-t string|int|ip

The type of the key. Select string for string keys, int for integer keys or ip for using IP addresses as keys. The "string" is the default.

-v string|int|ip

The type of the values. The "string" is the default.


Do not update the database just dump it to the screen.


Erase from database the keys listed in the file given with the '-i' parameter


Print database informations


c-icap-mklmdb -p /path/to/database -i keys.txt

It builds the an LMDB database under the path 'path/to/database', using string type for keys and values.

c-icap-mklmdb -p /path/to/database --dump

Dump the contents of the given database

See Also

c-icap(8) c-icap-client(8) c-icap-stretch(8) c-icap-config(8) c-icap-libicapapi-config(8)


Tsantilas Christos


c_icap 0.6.2