btrfs-find-root - Man Page

filter to find btrfs root


btrfs-find-root [options] <device>


btrfs-find-root is used to find the satisfied root, you can filter by root tree's objectid, generation, level.



Search through all metadata extents, even the root has been already found.

-g <generation>

Filter root tree by it's original transaction id, tree root's generation in default.

-o <objectid>

Filter root tree by it's objectid,tree root's objectid in default.

-l <level>

Filter root tree by b-tree's level, level 0 in default.

Exit Status

btrfs-find-root will return 0 if no error happened. If any problems happened, 1 will be returned.

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Mar 26, 2024 6.8 BTRFS