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btrace - Man Page

perform live tracing for block devices


btrace [-s] [-t] [-w N] [-n N] [-b N] [-r <dbg mnt>] [-a <trace>...] <dev>...


The btrace script provides a quick and easy way to do live tracing of block devices.  It calls blktrace on the specified devices and pipes the output through blkparse for formatting.  See blktrace (8) for more in-depth information about how blktrace works.  


Displays data sorted by program (see blkparse (1)).
Displays time deltas per IO (see blkparse (1)).
-w N
Sets run time to the number of seconds specified (see blktrace (8)).
-n N
Specifies the number of buffers to use (see blktrace (8)).
-b N
Specifies buffer size for event extraction (scaled by 1024) (see blktrace (8)).
-r <dbg mnt>
Specifies the debugfs mountpoint.
-a <trace
>... Adds mask to current filter (see blktrace (8)).

<dev> Specifies the device to trace.


Simply running

   % btrace /dev/sda

will show a trace of the device /dev/sda.


blkparse was written by Jens Axboe, Alan D. Brunelle and Nathan Scott.  This man page was created from the blktrace documentation by Bas Zoetekouw.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <linux-btrace@vger.kernel.org>

See Also

blktrace (8), blkparse (1), verify_blkparse (1), blkrawverify (1), btt (1)

Referenced By

blkiomon(8), blkparse(1), blkrawverify(1), blktrace(8), verify_blkparse(1).

March 6, 2007 blktrace git-20070306202522