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bootc-switch - Man Page

Target a new container image reference to boot


bootc switch [--quiet] [--transport] [--enforce-container-sigpolicy] [--ostree-remote] [--retain] [-h|--help] <TARGET>


Target a new container image reference to boot.

This is almost exactly the same operation as `upgrade`, but additionally changes the container image reference instead.

## Usage

A common pattern is to have a management agent control operating system updates via container image tags; for example, `quay.io/exampleos/someuser:v1.0` and `quay.io/exampleos/someuser:v1.1` where some machines are tracking `:v1.0`, and as a rollout progresses, machines can be switched to `v:1.1`.



Don't display progress

--transport=TRANSPORT [default: registry]

The transport; e.g. oci, oci-archive, containers-storage.  Defaults to `registry`


This is the inverse of the previous `--target-no-signature-verification` (which is now a no-op).

Enabling this option enforces that `/etc/containers/policy.json` includes a default policy which requires signatures.


Enable verification via an ostree remote


Retain reference to currently booted image

-h,  --help

Print help (see a summary with '-h')


Target image to use for the next boot



Referenced By


bootc 0.1.13