bluetooth-meshd - Man Page

Bluetooth Mesh daemon


bluetooth-meshd [options ...]


Daemon for managing Bluetooth Mesh connections on Linux.


-h,  --help

Print bluetooth-meshd options and exit.

-n,  --nodetach

Enable logging in foreground. Directs log output to the controlling terminal in addition to syslog.

-i <type>--io <type>

Specifies I/O interface type:

auto - Use first available controller: via MGMT interface if kernel supports it, otherwise, via raw HCI socket.

generic:[hci]<index> - Use generic HCI io on interface hci<index>.

unit:<fd_path>- Specifies open file descriptor for daemon testing.

By default, if no type is specified, uses auto I/O on the first available controller.

-c <file>--config <file>

Specifies an explicit config file path instead of relying on the default path(/etc/bluetooth/mesh-main.conf) for the config file.

-s <dir_path>--storage <dirpath>

Specifies an explicit storage directory path instead of the default path(/var/lib/bluetooth/mesh) for storing mesh node(s) configuration.

-d,  --debug

Enable debug output.

-b,  --dbus-debug

Enable D-Bus debug output.



Location of the global configuration file containing mesh daemon settings.


Reporting Bugs


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