bfb-install - Man Page

BFB installing script for BlueField SoC over rshim driver


rshim [options]


bfb-install is a utility script to install BFB images on BlueField SoC over the rshim driver.


-b, --bfb This is the BFB image to use, which is pushed as the boot stream.

-c, --config This is an optional configuration file to use, usually called bf.cfg.

-f, --rootfs This is the optional rootfs tar.xz file which is uaually used when installing Yocto.

-r, --rshim This is the rshim device to use, which can be 'rshim<N>' or '/dev/rshim<N>'.


19 Nov 2020 2.0 bfb-install man page