basic_ncsa_auth - Man Page

NCSA httpd-style password file authentication helper for Squid


basic_ncsa_auth passwd file


basic_ncsa_auth allows Squid to read and authenticate user and password information from an NCSA/Apache httpd-style password file when using basic HTTP authentication.

This password file can be manipulated using htpasswd.

This authenticator accepts:
* Blowfish - for passwords 72 characters or less in length.
* SHA256 - with salting and magic strings.
* SHA512 - with salting and magic strings.
* MD5 - with optional salt and magic strings.
* DES - for passwords 8 characters or less in length. NOTE: Blowfish and SHA algorithms require system-specific support.


The only parameter is the password file. It must have permissions to be read by the user that Squid is running as.


basic_ncsa_auth /etc/squid/squid.pass

basic_ncsa_auth must have access to the password file to be executed.

Known Issues

DES functionality (used by htpasswd by default) silently truncates passwords to 8 characters. Allowing login with password values shorter than the one desired. This authenticator will reject login with long passwords when using DES.


This manual was written by Amos Jeffries <>

Based on original documentation by Rodrigo Rubira Branco <>


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See Also

squid(8), htpasswd(1), GPL(7),
The Squid FAQ wiki
The Squid Configuration Manual

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May 16, 2006