axwrapper - Man Page

Run non-ax.25-aware programs from ax25d


axwrapper [ -p paclen ] server-program argv[0] ...


Axwrapper first creates a pipe and then forks and execs the program <server-program> with arguments given at the axwrapper command line.  The argv[0] argument is mandatory; further arguments are optional.  The parent process then sits and waits for any I/O to and from the user and converts any carriage return characters from the user to line feeds and any line feeds from the program to carriage returns. This is useful when starting non-AX.25-aware programs from ax25d.


-c paclen
Specify a the size of the output buffer.  The default length is 256 bytes.

See Also

ax25(8) ax25.conf(5)


Tomi Manninen OH2BNS <>


25 May 2015 Linux System Managers Manual