axfrdns - Man Page

axfrdns - a DNS zone transfer server.


axfrdns [Options]


axfrdns is a zone transfer server.  It reads a zone transfer request in DNS-over-TCP format from its standard input and responds with a locally configured information. axfrdns looks up zone-transfer results in data.cdb, a binary file created by tinydns-data(1). It also responds to normal client queries such as SOA queries, which usually precede zone transfer requests.

axfrdns allows zone transfer for any zone listed in the $AXFR variable. AXFR is a slash separated list of domain names. If AXFR is not set, axfrdns allows zone transfer for all zone available in data.cdb.


-d <value>

print debug messages


run as daemon

-h --help

print this help

-v --version

print version information





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Manual Author

Prasad J Pandit