ax25rtd - Man Page

AX.25 routing daemon




ax25rtd is a daemon that:

- emulates the ceased "autorouter" of Linux Kernel AX.25
- sets up ARP entries automagically
- may adjust IP routes and encapsulation mode
 (although I really do not recomment to use this feature...)

The "autorouter" is not really an autorouter. It just listens to the AX.25 traffic on your ports and uses this information to setup AX.25 routes. This can be turned on or off by altering the configuration file /etc/ax25/ax25rtd.conf.

Ax25rtd provides a socket /var/ax25/ax25rtd/control which is used for runtime maintainance through ax25rtctl or to set up new routes by other daemons (a Flexnet router, perhaps?)

On startup ax25rtd reads the configuration file and afterwards preloads the caches from the files /var/ax25/ax25rtd/ax25_routes and /var/ax25/ax25rtd/ip_routes. On SIGTERM or ax25rtctl --save it saves the caches to those files.



See Also

ax25rtd.conf(5), ax25rtctl(8).


Joerg Reuter <>
Llaus Kudielka OE1KIB

Referenced By

ax25rtctl(8), ax25rtd.conf(5).

11 November 2003 Linux Programmer's Manual