automount2amd man page

automount2amd — converts old Sun automount maps to Amd maps




automount2amd is used to convert an old Sun automount maps named to an Amd map.

This perl script will use the following /default entry


If you wish to override that, define the $DEFAULTS environment variable, or modify the script.

If you wish to generate Amd maps using the hostd (host domain) Amd map syntax, then define the environment variable $DOMAIN or modify the script.


Say you have the Sun automount file, with these two lines:

  home                  earth:/home
  moon  -ro,intr        server:/proj/images


    automount2amd >

will produce the Amd map with this content:

# generated by automount2amd on Sat Aug 14 17:59:32 US/Eastern 1999

/defaults \

home   host==earth;type:=link;fs:=/home \

moon   -addopts:=ro,intr \
  host==server;type:=link;fs:=/proj/images \


automount2amd does not understand newer Sun Automount map syntax, those used by autofs.

See Also


“am-utils” info(1) entry.

Linux NFS and Automounter Administration by Erez Zadok, ISBN 0-7821-2739-8, (Sybex, 2001).

Amd - The 4.4 BSD Automounter


Original author Mike Walker <>. Script modified by Erez Zadok <>, Computer Science Department, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, USA.

Other authors and contributors to am-utils are listed in the Authors file distributed with am-utils.


24 May 1993