arc-infoindex-relay man page

arc-infoindex-relay ā€” ARC Information Index Relay Helper


The arc-infoindex-relay command is used internally by the ARC Information System to relay queries and responses between the slapd server and the arc-infoindex-server


arc-infoindex-relay server-fifo



The FIFO on which the arc-infoindex-server accepts queries

Extended Description

arc-infoindex-relay acts as a bridge between the slapd server and the arc-infoindex-server in the NorduGrid ARC Information system. For each index served by the arc-infoindex-server a shell backend database should be configured in the slapd configuration.

Here is a sample configuration:

database  shell
suffix    "Mds-Vo-name=Sweden,o=Grid"
bind      /usr/sbin/arc-infoindex-relay /var/run/arc/infosys/giis-fifo
add       /usr/sbin/arc-infoindex-relay /var/run/arc/infosys/giis-fifo
search    /usr/sbin/arc-infoindex-relay /var/run/arc/infosys/giis-fifo
access to * by * write

When a query for the configured database is received by the slapd server, the server will call out to the arc-infoindex-relay. The arc-infoindex-relay will then open a unique return FIFO for this query and then forward the query and the name of the return FIFO to the arc-infoindex-server through the configured server FIFO. When the arc-infoindex-server has processed the query it will return the result to the arc-infoindex-relay using the return FIFO. The arc-infoindex-relay then closes the return FIFO and forwards the response to the slapd server.


Mattias Ellert <>

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