apt-config man page

apt-config — APT Configuration Query program


apt-config [options] [-o config=string] [-c=file] command


apt-config is an internal program used by various portions of the APT suite to provide consistent configurability.  It accesses the main configuration file /etc/apt/apt.conf(5) in a manner that is easy to use by scripted applications.


Unless the -h, or --help option is given, one of the commands below must be present.


Used to access the configuration information from a shell script.  It is given pairs of arguments, the first being a shell variable and the second the configuration value to query.  As output it lists a series of shell assignments commands for each present value. In a shell script it should be used like:

RES=`apt-config shell OPTS MyApp::Options`
eval $RES

This will set the shell environment variable $OPTS to the value of MyApp::Options with a default of -f. .IP The configuration item may be postfixed with a /[fdbi].  f returns file names, d returns directories, b returns true or false and i returns an integer.  Each of the returns is normalized and verified internally.


Shows the contents of the configuration space.


All command-line options may be set using the configuration file, the descriptions indicate the configuration option to set.  For boolean options you can override the config file by using something like  -f-,--no-f, -f=no or several other variations.

-h, --help

Show a short usage summary.

-v, --version

Show the program version.

-c, --config-file

Configuration File.  Specify a configuration file to use.   The program will read the default configuration file and then this  configuration file.  See apt.conf(5) for syntax information.      

-o, --option

Set a Configuration Option.  This will set an arbitrary configuration  option.  The syntax is -o Foo::Bar=bar.

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apt-config returns zero on normal operation, decimal 100 on error.


Reporting bugs in APT-RPM is best done in the APT-RPM mailinglist at http://apt-rpm.org/mailinglist.shtml.


Maintainer and contributor information can be found in the credits page http://apt-rpm.org/about.shtml of APT-RPM.

Referenced By

apt(8), apt.conf(5), apt-get(8).

14 Jun 2006 APT-RPM