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apt — Advanced Package Tool

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APT is a management system for software packages.  Originally written for Debian and the deb package format, APT was ported and became APT-RPM to manage the rpm(8) package format.  APT-RPM can be used by any RPM-based distribution, such as Conectiva, Red Hat, SUSE, ALT-Linux, etc.

For further information on how to use APT, refer to apt-get(8) or visit http://apt-rpm.org/.

See Also

apt-cache(8), apt-get(8), apt-cdrom(8), sources.list(5), apt.conf(5), apt-config(8), apt_preferences(5)


Reporting bugs in APT-RPM is best done in the APT-RPM mailinglist at http://apt-rpm.org/mailinglist.shtml.


Maintainer and contributor information can be found in the credits page http://apt-rpm.org/about.shtml of APT-RPM.

Referenced By

dpkg-scanpackages(1), dpkg-scansources(1), manifest(1), purge-old-kernels(1).

14 Jun 2006 APT-RPM