appliance-creator man page

appliance-creator, creates pre-installed appliance images and meta-data.


appliance-creator [Options]


appliance-creator creates pre-installed appliance images from kickstart files. Kickstart files contain the information about packages and configurations that are built into the image.


-h, --help
Shows a help message and exits.

Image Options

These options define the created appliance image.

-c KSCFG, --config=KSCFG
Path to kickstart config file
-n NAME, --name=NAME
Name of appliance image to be created (default based on config name)
-f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
Disk format, this will take any input that qemu-img convert will take (raw, qcow2, vmdk, ...) Note: not all disk formats with work with all virt technologies. raw images are xz compressed, qcow2 images use compression.
Amount of virtual memory for appliance in MB (default: 512)
Number of virtual cpus for appliance (default: 1)
Generate a checksum for the created appliance

System Directory Options

These options define the way the created Appliance is packaged

-p PACKAGE, --package=PACKAGE
Package format, will package up output, disk images and meta into a package. Currently only "zip", "zip.64", "tar", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2" are supported. (default is "none")
-i INCLUDE, --include=INCLUDE
path to a file or dir to include in the appliance package
-o OUTDIR, --outdir=OUTDIR
output directory

System Directory Options

These options define directories used on your system for creating the appliance image

-t TMPDIR, --tmpdir=TMPDIR
Temporary directory to use (default: /var/tmp)
Cache directory to use (default: private cache)

Debugging options

These options define extra options for debugging

-d, --debug
Output debugging information
-v, --verbose
Output verbose progress information
Save debug information to FILE


Appliance Example

appliance-creator \
-n ThinCrust --config /usr/share/doc/appliance-tools-%{version}/aos-rawhide.ks \ --cache=/var/tmp/act


Dennis Gilmore, David Huff, Joey Boggs, Bryan kearney, Daniel P. Berrange, and a team of other contributors.


Report bugs directly to BugZilla "" against the "Fedora" product, and the "appliance-tools" component.

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