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apk-version - Man Page

compare package versions


apk version [<options>...] [packages...]

apk version -c versions...

apk version -t version1 version2

apk version -I


apk version compares the versions of installed packages against package versions available from repositories (see apk-repositories(5)). It can also be used to validate and compare version strings.

In default mode, if no packages are specified, all installed packages are considered. Otherwise, the comparison is limited to the explicitly listed packages. A summary is printed on stdout, with the difference between package versions being represented as >, =, or <.

Options -c, -I, and -t are mutually exclusive.


These options only apply when checking installed package versions against packages available from the repositories (when neither -c, -t, nor -I are specified).

-a,  --all

Consider packages from all repository tags.

-c,  --check versions...

Check versions for validity. If a given version is invalid, it is printed. Exits with status code zero if all versions are valid, and non-zero otherwise.

-I,  --indexes

Print the version and description for each repository's index. See apk-repositories(5) for more information.

-l,  --limit operand

Limit to packages with output matching given operand. The operand can be specified as any combination of >, =, and <.

-t,  --test version1 version2

Compare two version strings. Does not consult the database. Prints one of >, =, or <, if version1 is, respectively, greater than, equal to, or lesser than version2.

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