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apk-upgrade - Man Page

upgrade installed packages


apk upgrade [<options>...] [<packages>...]


apk upgrade upgrades installed packages to the latest version available from configured package repositories (see apk-repositories(5)). When no packages are specified, all packages are upgraded if possible. If list of packages is provided, only those packages are upgraded along with needed dependencies.


apk upgrade supports the commit options described in apk(8), as well as the following options:

-a,  --available

Reset all packages to versions available from current repositories. This resets all versioned dependencies in world (see apk-world(5)). Additionally, packages are selected from active repositories if possible even if it means replacing or downgrading the package.

This is useful to reset system against new set of packages after updating repositories.


Upgrade all other packages than the ones listed. This inverts the given package name list to mean packages that should not be upgraded.

-l,  --latest

Always choose the latest package by version. However, the versions considered are based on the package pinning. Primarily this overrides the default heuristic and will cause an error to displayed if all dependencies cannot be satisfied.


Do not do an early upgrade of the 'apk-tools' package.


Prune the world by removing packages which are no longer available from any configured repository.


Only perform a self-upgrade of the 'apk-tools' package.

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