apk-search - Man Page

search for packages by name or description


apk search [<options>...] pattern...


apk search searches all repositories for packages matching at least one pattern. If no pattern is given, it lists all packages in the repository. A pattern matches if it is a case-sensitive substring of the package name.


In addition to the global options (see apk(8)), apk search supports the following options:

-a,  --all

Print all matching package versions. By default, apk only shows the latest version.

-d,  --description

Also search for pattern in the package description. By default, apk does not search package descriptions.

-e,  -x,  --exact

Match package names exactly.


Match by package origin. Shows all packages whose base package name matches pattern exactly. Implies --all and --exact.

-o,  --origin

Print base package name.

-r,  --rdepends

Print reverse dependencies (other packages which depend on the package).

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