apk-info - Man Page

print detailed information about packages


apk info [<options>...] packages...

apk info -W file


apk info prints information known about the listed packages. By default, it prints the description, webpage, and installed size of the package (equivalent to apk info -dws).

Each field printed is prefaced by the name of the package and its package version, then the field to be displayed, and a newline. The following lines display the appropriate information, then an empty line terminates that field.

apk info -W file prints the package which owns the specified file.


-a,  --all

List all information known about the package.

-d,  --description

Print the package description.

-e,  --installed

Check package installed status. For each installed package, print it's name. The exit status is the number of given packages not installed. Thus, zero (or success) is returned if all named packages are installed.

-L,  --contents

List files included in the package.

-P,  --provides

List what the package provides.

-r,  --rdepends

List reverse dependencies of the package (all other packages which depend on the package).

-R,  --depends

List the dependencies of the package.

-s,  --size

Print the package's installed size.

-w,  --webpage

Print the URL for the package's upstream webpage.

-W,  --who-owns

Print the package which owns the specified file.


List the package's install_if rule. When the dependencies in this list are satisfied, the package will be installed automatically.


Print the package SPDX license identifier.


List the other packages for which this package is marked as a replacement.


List other packages whose install_if rules refer to this package.


Print active triggers for the package.

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