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apk-index - Man Page

create repository index file from packages


apk index [<options>...] packages...


apk index creates a repository index from a list of package files. See apk-repositories(8) for more information on repository indicies.

Generally, the resulting index must be cryptographically signed before apk will accept it. See abuild-sign(1) for details.


-d,  --description TEXT

Add a description to the index. Upstream, this is used to add version information based on the git commit SHA of aports HEAD at the time of index generation.

-o,  --output FILE

Output generated index to FILE.

-x,  --index INDEX

Read an existing index from INDEX to speed up the creation of the new index by reusing data when possible.


Disable the warning about missing dependencies. This happens when A, depends on package B, that does not have a provider in the indexed repository.

--rewrite-arch ARCH

Set all package's architecture to ARCH.

Referenced By

apk(8), apk-repositories(5).