apk-fetch - Man Page

download packages from global repositories to a local directory


apk fetch [<options>...] packages...


apk fetch downloads the requested packages from the configured package repositories (see apk-repositories(5)) to a local directory. The current working directory is used as the destination directory unless -o is specified.


-L,  --link

Create hard links if possible.

-o,  --output DIR

Write the downloaded file(s) to DIR.

-R,  --recursive

Fetch packages and all of their dependencies.

-s,  --stdout

Dump the .apk file(s) to stdout.

Note: this option is incompatible with -o, -R, and the global --progress option.


Simulate the requested operation without making any changes.

Note: this option is unreliable if needed indexes are not up-to-date as this omits refresing or downloading of missing indexes.

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