amcrypt-ossl - Man Page

crypt program for Amanda symmetric data encryption using OpenSSL


amcrypt-ossl [-d]


amcrypt-ossl uses OpenSSL to encrypt and decrypt data. OpenSSL is available from OpenSSL offers a wide variety of cipher choices ( amcrypt-ossl defaults to 256-bit AES) and can use hardware cryptographic accelerators on several platforms.

amcrypt-ossl will search for the OpenSSL program in the following directories: /bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/ssl/bin:/usr/local/ssl/bin.

Passphrase Management

amcrypt-ossl uses the same pass phrase to encrypt and decrypt data. It is very important to store and protect the pass phrase properly. Encrypted backup data can only be recovered with the correct passphrase.

OpenSSL's key derivation routines use a salt to guard against dictionary attacks on the pass phrase; still it is important to pick a pass phrase that is hard to guess. The Diceware method (see can be used to create passphrases that are difficult to guess and easy to remember.



File containing the pass phrase. It should not be readable by any user other than the Amanda user.

See Also

amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), openssl(1), amcrypt-ossl-asym(8)

The Amanda Wiki: :


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Referenced By

amanda(8), amcrypt-ossl-asym(8).

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