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amaespipe - Man Page

wrapper program for aespipe




amaespipe requires aespipe, uuencode and gpg to work. Aespipe is available from : http://loop-aes.sourceforge.net

amaespipe will search for the aespipe program in the following directories: /usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin.

amaespipe is called by amcrypt for Amanda data encryption.

amaespipe is based on aespipe's bzaespipe program. It calls aespipe to encrypt data using AES256 as the encryption and SHA256 as the hash function. GPG key should be stored in $AMANDA_HOME/.gnupg/am_key.gpg. amaespipe reads passphrase from file descriptor 3. During decryption, amaespipe autodects encryption type and hash function from the encrypted image.

See Also

amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), aespipe(1), amcrypt(8), gpg(1)

The Amanda Wiki: : http://wiki.zmanda.com/


Kevin Till <kevin.till@zmanda.com>

Zmanda, Inc. (http://www.zmanda.com)

Referenced By

amanda(8), amcrypt(8).

01/22/2024 Amanda 3.5.4 System Administration Commands