afl-showmap - Man Page


afl-showmap [ options ] -- /path/to/target_app [ ... ]


Required parameters:
  -o file       - file to write the trace data to

Execution control settings:
  -t msec       - timeout for each run (none)
  -m megs       - memory limit for child process (0 MB)
  -Q            - use binary-only instrumentation (QEMU mode)
  -U            - use Unicorn-based instrumentation (Unicorn mode)
  -W            - use qemu-based instrumentation with Wine (Wine mode)
                  (Not necessary, here for consistency with other afl-* tools)

Other settings:
  -i dir        - process all files in this directory, must be combined with -o.
                  With -C, -o is a file, without -C it must be a directory
                  and each bitmap will be written there individually.
  -C            - collect coverage, writes all edges to -o and gives a summary
                  Must be combined with -i.
  -q            - sink program's output and don't show messages
  -e            - show edge coverage only, ignore hit counts
  -r            - show real tuple values instead of AFL filter values
  -s            - do not classify the map
  -c            - allow core dumps

This tool displays raw tuple data captured by AFL instrumentation.
For additional help, consult docs/

Environment variables used:
LD_BIND_LAZY: do not set LD_BIND_NOW env var for target
AFL_CMIN_CRASHES_ONLY: (cmin_mode) only write tuples for crashing inputs
AFL_CMIN_ALLOW_ANY: (cmin_mode) write tuples for crashing inputs also
AFL_CRASH_EXITCODE: optional child exit code to be interpreted as crash
AFL_DEBUG: enable extra developer output
AFL_FORKSRV_INIT_TMOUT: time spent waiting for forkserver during startup (in milliseconds)
AFL_KILL_SIGNAL: Signal ID delivered to child processes on timeout, etc. (default: SIGKILL)
AFL_MAP_SIZE: the shared memory size for that target. must be >= the size the target was compiled for
AFL_QUIET: do not print extra informational output


afl++ was written by Michal "lcamtuf" Zalewski and is maintained by Marc "van Hauser" Heuse <>, Heiko "hexcoder-" Eissfeldt <>, Andrea Fioraldi <> and Dominik Maier <> The homepage of afl++ is:


Apache License Version 2.0, January 2004


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