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NetworkManager-wait-online.service - Man Page

Wait for the network to come online


The NetworkManager-wait-online service is a oneshot systemd service that delays reaching the network-online target until NetworkManager reports that the startup is completed on the D-Bus.

When the system boots, for example, remote mounts defined in /etc/fstab, require that the network is up. For this, these systemd units contain the After=network-online.target setting to order themselves after this target. NetworkManager-wait-online ensures that the network-online target is reached only after the network is available.

Optimally, all services on the host react dynamically to network changes and systemd services do not need to be configured to start after reaching the network-online target. In this case, NetworkManager-wait-online.service has no effect and does not delay the boot time. On the other hand, if you encounter a long boot time due to the delay of NetworkManager-wait-online, investigate the services that require network access and fix them.

Except for the time out value in the NetworkManager-wait-online.service unit, you cannot configure this service. Instead, settings in NetworkManager and the connection profiles affect the behavior:


Please report any bugs in NetworkManager at the NetworkManager issue tracker[1].

See Also

NetworkManager home page[2], NetworkManager(8), nm-online(1), the network-online.target description in systemd.special(7)


  1. NetworkManager issue tracker
  2. NetworkManager home page

Referenced By

NetworkManager(8), nm-online(1).

NetworkManager-wait-online Network management daemons