389-console man page

389-console — The 389 Directory Server UI


389-console [-a <URL>] [-A <local URL>] [-D <debug level>] [-f <output file>] [-h] [-l <Language Code>] [-s <SIE DN>] [-u <username/Bind DN>] [-w <password> | - (prompt for password)]  [-x <options>] [-y <password file>]        


A Java based remote management console used for Managing the Directory Server and Administration Server.


A summary of options is included below:

-a URL

Administration Server base URL.


Local Administration Server URL.

-D Debug_Level

Debug level: 1 - 9

-f Debug_Output_File

Specifies the output file for the debug logging.


Display usage.

-l Language code

Language code.

-s Server DN/Identifier

server DN (cn=...) or instance ID (e.g. slapd-host)

-u username/BiNd DN

The user name or bind DN to log into the console.

-w password

Password for the bind DN specified with the -u option.

-w \-

Prompt for the user password.

-x Option

Extra options (javalaf, nowinpos, nologo)

-y Password_File

File containing user password.


389-console -a http://host.domain.com:9830 -u "cn=directory manager" -f ./passwd.txt -l en

389-console -D 9 -f /tmp/debug-output.txt -x nologo


389-console was written by the 389 Project.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to http://bugzilla.redhat.com.


Aug 25, 2014