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yaz - Man Page

Z39.50 toolkit.


YAZ is a C/C++ programmer's toolkit supporting the development of Z39.50v3 clients and servers. The YAZ toolkit offers several different levels of access to the ISO23950/Z39.50, SRU Solr (client only) and ILL protocols. The level that you need to use depends on your requirements, and the role (server or client) that you want to implement.

See Also

yaz-client(1), yaz-ztest(8), yaz-config(8), zoomsh(1) bib1-attr(7)

YAZ manual ( /usr/share/doc/yaz)

YAZ home page[1].

Z39.50 Maintenance Agency Page[2].


Index Data


  1. YAZ home page
  2. Z39.50 Maintenance Agency Page

Referenced By

yaz-asncomp(1), yaz-client(1), yaz-config(1), yaz-iconv(1), yaz-icu(1), yaz-illclient(1), yaz-json-parse(1), yaz-log(7), yaz-marcdump(1), yaz-record-conv(1), yaz-url(1), yaz-ztest(8), zoomsh(1).

01/12/2023 YAZ 5.34.0 Conventions and miscellaneous