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tuned-profiles-sap-hana - Man Page

description of profiles provided for the SAP HANA


These profiles provides performance optimizations for the SAP HANA applications.


The following profiles are provided:


A performance optimized profile for the SAP HANA applications. It allows sleep states down to C3 and enables sysctl settings that improve throughput performance of disk and network IO. CPU governor is set to performance and CPU energy performance bias is set to performance. It also disables transparent hugepages, locks CPU to the low C states (by PM QoS) and tunes sysctl regarding semaphores.


A performance optimized profile for the SAP HANA application when running as virtual guest on KVM. It loads the cpuidle-haltpoll driver to ensure lower latencies (at the cost of a higher power consumption). The clocksource is set to TSC, skew_tick is enabled.



See Also

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Jaroslav Škarvada <jskarvad@redhat.com>

Referenced By

tuned-adm(8), tuned-profiles(7), tuned-profiles-atomic(7), tuned-profiles-compat(7), tuned-profiles-cpu-partitioning(7), tuned-profiles-mssql(7), tuned-profiles-nfv-guest(7), tuned-profiles-nfv-host(7), tuned-profiles-openshift(7), tuned-profiles-oracle(7), tuned-profiles-postgresql(7), tuned-profiles-realtime(7), tuned-profiles-sap(7), tuned-profiles-spectrumscale-ece(7).

30 Mar 2017 Fedora Power Management SIG TuneD