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Timewarrior hints



Timewarrior supports hints, which are single-word command line features that start with a colon like this:
Hints serve several purposes. This example is a shortcut for the date range that defines the current week.
Other hints, such as:
Are ways to control the behavior of Timewarrior, in this case eliminating all forms of feedback, for purposes of automation.
The supported hints are:
 :quiet         Turns off all feedback. For automation
 :debug         Runs in debug mode, shows many runtime details
 :yes           Overrides confirmation by answering 'yes' to the questions
 :color         Force color on, even if not connected to a TTY
 :nocolor       Force color off, even if connected to a TTY
 :blank         Leaves tracked time out of a report
 :fill          Expand time to fill surrounding available gap
 :adjust        Automatically correct overlaps
 :ids           Displays interval ID numbers in the summary report
Range hints provide convenient shortcuts to date ranges:
 :yesterday     The 24 hours of the previous day
 :day           The 24 hours of the current day
 :week          This week
 :fortnight     This week and the one before
 :month         This month
 :quarter       This quarter
 :year          This year
 :lastweek      Last week
 :lastmonth     Last month
 :lastquarter   Last quarter
 :lastyear      Last year
 :monday        Previous monday
 :tuesday       Previous tuesday
 :wednesday     Previous wednesday
 :thursday      Previous thursday
 :friday        Previous friday
 :saturday      Previous saturday
 :sunday        Previous sunday

Referenced By

timew(1), timew-chart(1), timew-dates(7), timew-gaps(1).

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