tickit_rect - Man Page

utility structure representing a rectangular region


#include <tickit.h>

typedef struct {
  int top;
  int left;
  int lines;
  int cols;
} TickitRect;


A TickitRect structure represents a single non-empty rectangular region of the screen. It stores the position of the top left corner of the region, and its size in lines and columns.


A new TickitRect structure can be initialised using the tickit_rect_init_sized(3) and tickit_rect_init_bounded(3) functions. Its bottom right corner can be obtained using tickit_rect_bottom(3) and tickit_rect_right(3). Interactions between rectangles can be tested using the predicate functions tickit_rect_contains(3) and tickit_rect_intersects(3). New rectangles can be created from existing ones using tickit_rect_intersect(3) to form the intersection, tickit_rect_add(3) to form the union sum, and tickit_rect_subtract(3).

Referenced By

tickit(7), tickit_rect_add(3), tickit_rect_bottom(3), tickit_rect_contains(3), tickit_rect_init_sized(3), tickit_rect_intersect(3), tickit_rect_intersects(3), tickit_rectset_add(3), tickit_rectset_contains(3), tickit_rectset_intersects(3), tickit_rectset_subtract(3), tickit_rectset_translate(3), tickit_rect_subtract(3), tickit_rect_translate(3), tickit_renderbuffer(7), tickit_window(7), tickit_window_get_geometry(3), tickit_window_set_cursor_position(3).