squeezelite.service man page

squeezelite.service — Systemd units for Squeezelite


Automatically start the Squeezelite music streaming client each time a user logs in, or each time a system boots.


To run squeezelite as part of your user desktop session:

systemctl --user enable squeezelite
systemctl --user start squeezelite

To configure squeezelite as part of your user desktop session, edit the command line options passed to it:

systemctl --user edit --full squeezelite

To start squeezelite at system boot:

systemctl enable squeezelite
systemctl start squeezelite

To configure squeezelite started at system boot, edit the file /etc/sysconfig/squeezelite.

If running outside of a user session, you will probably need to specify the ALSA output device using squeezelite's -o option. Get a list of available devices with:

squeezelite -l

See Also

squeezelite(1), systemctl(1)


Peter Oliver <rpm@mavit.org.uk>.


April 2018