snopea - Man Page

A little “Plain Old Documentation” format for SNOBOL4


snopea is a simple-to-use markup language used for writing documentation for SNOBOL4, SNOBOL4 programs, and SNOBOL4 modules, inspired by perlpod(1).  The snopea(1) command translates snopea to *roff man(7) macro format or HTML.

A line that starts with zero or more star/asterisk (*) characters followed by =pea signals start of a block of documentation.  All lines until a =cut directive will be processed after removal of leading star/asterisk characters.

New paragraphs are started with a blank line.



text is formatted in bold.


text is formatted in italic.


text is formatted in constant width.


url is formatted as an HTML link.



Inserts a line break.

=bull text

Indicates a bullet item in a list.


Starts a block of code, lines will be formatted in a constant-width font, and line breaks will be preserved.


Signals end of a block of documentation.


Ends a =code block.


Ends a table.

=item label

A list item with tag label.

=indent number

Controls the indentation of =item paragraphs.

=nitem text

A numbered list item with tag label.

=row columns

A table row. columns is a tab separated list.

=sect name

Declares man page section name.

=subsect name

Declares man page subsection name.

=table tab stops

Begin a table, setting tab stops, a sequence of positions in inches, each followed by i (ie; 1i 2i 3i)

Special Characters

The following sequences (an unholy mix of troff(1) and HTML) MUST be used for portable formatting:


left double quote (“)


right double quote (”)


ampersand (&)


greek lower-case pi (π)


less than sign (<)


greater than sign (>)


backslash (\)


accent grave (`)


apostrophe (')




zero-width space


thin space


non-breaking space



Not Conforming to

Inspired by (but not compatible with) Perl POD format.


Philip L. Budne

See Also

snobol4(1), snopea(1), perlpod(1), perlpodspec(1).

Referenced By

snobol4(1), snobol4load(3), snobol4setup(3), snopea(1).

March 31, 2022 CSNOBOL4B 2.3.1 CSNOBOL4 Manual