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rgbds - Man Page

Rednex Game Boy Development System


To get a working ROM image from a single assembly source file:

$ rgbasm -o game.o game.asm
$ rgblink -o game.gb game.o
$ rgbfix -v -p 0 game.gb

Or in a single command line, without creating an intermediate object file:

$ (rgbasm -o - - | rgblink -o - - | rgbfix -v -p 0) < game.asm > game.gb

See Also

rgbasm(1), rgbasm(5), rgblink(1), rgblink(5), rgbfix(1), rgbgfx(1), gbz80(7), rgbds(5)


Referenced By

gbz80(7), rgbasm(1), rgbasm(5), rgbds(5), rgbfix(1), rgbgfx(1), rgblink(1), rgblink(5).

December 22, 2023