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rdopkg-adv-requirements - Man Page

rdopkg adventures: requirements management


This is a story about managing requirements of an RDO package using rdopkg.


rdopkg contains actions to help you with requirements management, namely:

This document will give you some examples of how to use these commands.

Please make sure you have the latest rdopkg, at least 0.28.

Let’s explore python-openstackclient RDO package. All commands are run in its distgit with patches and upstream remotes set up:

$ cd python-openstackclient
$ git fetch --all
$ git remote -v
openstack   git@github.com:openstack/python-openstackclient.git (fetch)
openstack   git@github.com:openstack/python-openstackclient.git (push)
origin      ssh://jruzicka@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/python-openstackclient (fetch)
origin      ssh://jruzicka@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/python-openstackclient (push)
patches     git@github.com:redhat-openstack/python-openstackclient.git (fetch)
patches     git@github.com:redhat-openstack/python-openstackclient.git (push)

Let’s assume we see the package for the first time and we want to check whether its requirements are met.

$ rdopkg pkgenv
Package:  python-openstackclient
Version:  1.0.3
Upstream: 1.1.0
OS dist:  RDO

Dist-git branch:        master
Local patches branch:   master-patches
Remote patches branch:  patches/master-patches
Remote upstream branch: openstack/master

RDO release/dist guess: kilo/f22

Now we know that

so we can start inspecting the requirements.

Chapter 1

rdopkg reqdiff

reqdiff shows a human friendly summary of changes to requirements.txt file between two git refs (usually version tags).

When patches and upstream remotes are set correctly, the action can be run without arguments and rdopkg will do a diff between current and latest upstream versions:

$ rdopkg reqdiff
requirements.txt diff between 1.0.3 and 1.1.0:


  cliff >=1.10.0  (was >=1.7.0)
  oslo.config >=1.9.3  (was >=1.9.0)
  oslo.i18n >=1.5.0  (was >=1.3.0)
  oslo.serialization >=1.4.0  (was >=1.2.0)
  oslo.utils >=1.4.0  (was >=1.2.0)
  python-novaclient >=2.22.0  (was >=2.18.0,!=2.21.0)
  stevedore >=1.3.0  (was >=1.1.0)

With one argument, diff between current package version and supplied git ref is done:

$ rdopkg reqdiff 1.1.0
requirements.txt diff between 1.0.3 and 1.1.0:

Finally, we can supply two git refs to get requirements.txt diff between them:

$ rdopkg reqdiff 0.4.0 1.0.0
requirements.txt diff between 0.4.0 and 1.0.0:

  Babel >=1.3
  cliff-tablib >=1.0
  oslo.i18n >=1.0.0
  oslo.serialization >=1.0.0
  oslo.utils >=1.0.0
  python-neutronclient >=2.3.6,<3
  stevedore >=1.1.0

  cliff >=1.7.0  (was >=1.4.3)
  python-cinderclient >=1.1.0  (was >=1.0.6)
  python-glanceclient >=0.14.0  (was >=0.9.0)
  python-keystoneclient >=0.11.1  (was >=0.9.0)
  python-novaclient >=2.18.0  (was >=2.17.0)
  requests >=2.2.0,!=2.4.0  (was >=1.1)

  keyring >=2.1
  pycrypto >=2.6

Note that reqdiff is automatically shown during rdopkg new-version.

Chapter 2

rdopkg reqcheck

reqcheck is used to check whether requires defined in requirements.txt are met in the .spec file. Human friendly summary is printed.

$ rdopkg reqcheck

  python-babel >=1.3
  python-cliff >=1.7.0
  python-oslo-i18n >=1.3.0
  python-oslo-serialization >=1.2.0
  python-oslo-utils >=1.2.0
  python-pbr >=0.6,!=0.7,<1.0
  python-cinderclient >=1.1.0
  python-glanceclient >=0.15.0
  python-keystoneclient >=1.1.0
  python-neutronclient >=2.3.11,<3
  python-novaclient >=2.18.0,!=2.21.0
  python-requests >=2.2.0,!=2.4.0
  python-six >=1.9.0
  python-stevedore >=1.1.0

  python-cliff-tablib >=1.0
  python-oslo-config >=1.9.0

Human brain superpowers are used to evaluate the report and fix the .spec file if needed.

Chapter 3

rdopkg query

Is package X available in RDO? At which version? rdopkg query was created to answer these recurring questions.

We can query a specific release/dist:

$ rdopkg query kilo/f22 python-novaclient
    python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.fc23  @  RDO Kilo f22
    python-novaclient-2.20.0-1.fc22  @  Fedora 22

We now see that python-novaclient-2.20.0-1 is present in base Fedora 22 repo but newer python-novaclient-2.23.0-1 is available from RDO Kilo f22 repo.

We can also query a package across all dists of an RDO release. We might want to use -v/--verbose to see what’s happening in the background:

$ rdopkg query -v kilo python-novaclient

repoquery --nvr --repofrompath=rdopkg_RDO_Kilo_f22,...
RDO Kilo f22: python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.fc23
repoquery --nvr --repofrompath=rdopkg_Fedora_22_Updates,...

    python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.fc23  @  RDO Kilo f22
    python-novaclient-2.20.0-1.fc22  @  Fedora 22
    python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.fc23  @  RDO Kilo f21
    python-novaclient-2.17.0-3.fc21  @  Fedora 21
    python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.el7  @  RDO Kilo el7

See rdopkg info to get supported release/dist combinations.

Chapter 4

rdopkg reqquery

reqquery queries versions of requirements.txt or .spec Requires in RDO repos and provides colorful report to easily check whether dependencies are available and in correct versions.

Simplest use case without arguments queries all requirements.txt of current package version in autodetected release/dist:

$ rdopkg reqquery
Autodetected filter: kilo/f22
Querying requirements file from git: 1.0.3 -- requirements.txt

    nvr:   python-pbr-0.10.8-1.fc22
    need:  >=0.6,!=0.7,<1.0
    state: OK
    nvr:   python-novaclient-2.23.0-1.fc23
    need:  >=2.18.0,!=2.21.0
    state: OK
    nvr:   python-cliff-tablib not available
    need:  >=1.0
    state: not met

We can also select the release/dist filter manually (see rdopkg info):

$ rdopkg reqquery kilo/el7

By default, current version requirements.txt are used, but we can select a different requirements source:

As it usually takes quite some time to repoquery all the repos, we might want to run with -v/--verbose, dump to requirements.yml with -d/--dump and then view the report with -l/--load:

$ rdopkg reqquery -v -d
Autodetected filter: kilo/f22
Querying requirements file from git: 1.0.3 -- requirements.txt

repoquery --nvr --repofrompath=...
RDO Kilo f22: N/A

$ rdopkg reqquery -l


See rdopkg ACTION -h to get options for each ACTION.

See rdopkg(1) manual for more information.

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