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rdopkg-adv-new-version - Man Page

rdopkg adventures: new-version


This is a short story about updating RDO python-swiftclient package to new upstream version using rdopkg new-version.

Let’s assume update of Havana epel-6 python-swiftclient-1.8.0-1 package to latest upstream version 2.0.2.


dist-git & remotes

$ cd python-swiftclient
$ git fetch --all
$ git remote -v
openstack   git://github.com/openstack/python-swiftclient.git (fetch)
openstack   git://github.com/openstack/python-swiftclient.git (push)
origin      ssh://jruzicka@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/python-swiftclient (fetch)
origin      ssh://jruzicka@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/python-swiftclient (push)
patches     git@github.com:redhat-openstack/python-swiftclient.git (fetch)
patches     git@github.com:redhat-openstack/python-swiftclient.git (push)

To summarise, above remotes are:

This is a Havana epel-6 fix, so I’m gonna work with:

See rdopkg info output for current branch names.

Before we proceed, let’s inspect the patches branch:

o [patches/stable/havana] Add SSL certificate verification by default
o Remove builtin requirements handling
M─┐ [1.8.0] Merge "Make pbr only a build-time dependency."
│ o Make pbr only a build-time dependency.
o │ assertEquals is deprecated, use assertEqual (H602

You can see that there are two commits on top of 1.8.0. These two patches are present in dist-git and applied in .spec file:

Patch0001: 0001-Remove-builtin-requirements-handling.patch
Patch0002: 0002-Add-SSL-certificate-verification-by-default.patch
%patch0001 -p1
%patch0002 -p1

Chapter 1

rdopkg new-version

With remotes set up and up to date, it’s time to run rdopkg new-version.

The only required positional argument specifies a version to update to. This is 2.0.2 in this case and it’s both new rpm Version and git tag to rebase patches branch on. For other packages and versions, version tag and rpm Version might differ.

$ git fetch --all
$ git checkout el6-havana
$ rdopkg new-version 2.0.2

Chapter 2


First, rdopkg displays summary of changed files and changes to requirements.txt files:

--- a/requirements.txt
+++ b/requirements.txt
@@ -1 +1,2 @@

I make a mental note I need to add Requires: python-requests later and press enter to advance.

Chapter 3

rebase of patches branch

Next, rdopkg resets the local stable/havana branch to patches/stable/havana, switches to it, and tries to rebase it on 2.0.2 git tag.

The rebase failed due to a conflict of downstream patches nuking pbr and rdopkg exited to shell so I can finish the rebase manually.

I modified the conflicting patch and continued the rebase with

git rebase --continue

Then the second patch failed to apply as well. This was a downstream only fix and upstream has chosen a different solution which is already included in 2.0.2 and thus I skipped this patch entirely with

git rebase --skip

Now, the patches branch look like this:

o [stable/havana] Remove builtin requirements handling
o [2.0.2] Remove multipart/form-data file upload
o Fix --insecure option on auth
M─┐ Merge "Port to python-requests"

First patch is on top of 2.0.2, second obsolete patch is gone.

Chapter 4

the rest is magic

Once I’m happy with the rebased patches branch, I resume rdopkg action with

rdopkg -c

Now, rdopkg asks if I want to push the shiny rebased patches branch. I indeed do. Note that you need to have force push permission in the patches remote.

Push stable/havana to patches / stable/havana (with --force)? [Yn]

After this, rdopkg:

pseudo-diff of .spec file:

-Version:    1.8.0
+Version:    2.0.2
-# patches_base=1.8.0
+# patches_base=2.0.2
 Patch0001: 0001-Remove-builtin-requirements-handling.patch
-Patch0002: 0002-Add-SSL-certificate-verification-by-default.patch
 %patch0001 -p1
-%patch0002 -p1
+* Thu Feb 20 2014 Jakub Ruzicka <jruzicka@redhat.com> 2.0.2-1
+- Update to upstream 2.0.2

As you can see, obsolete patch I deleted during rebase is gone.

Commit message and changed files:

Update to upstream 2.0.2
M   .gitignore
M   0001-Remove-builtin-requirements-handling.patch
D   0002-Add-SSL-certificate-verification-by-default.patch
M   python-swiftclient.spec
M   sources

Chapter 5

finishing touches & rdopkg amend

Finally, I need to tune .spec file due to new deps and amend with rdopkg amend to regenerate commit message from %changelog:

vim python-swiftclient.spec
rdopkg amend

Final commit message:

Update to upstream 2.0.2
- Update to upstream 2.0.2
- Switch from pyOpenSSL to python-requests - update dependencies
- Remove unneeded dependency: python-simplejson


See available options

rdopkg new-version -h

and rdopkg(1) manual for more information.

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