rc - Man Page

manual page for rc 2.33.128


rc [OPTION]...


rc is the RTags client application.



Be more verbose.


Print current version.

--verify-version|-t [arg]

Verify that the correct protocol version is used.


Be silent.


Display this help.

--config [arg]

Use this file (instead of ~/.rcrc).


Don't load any rc files.



Tell server to shut down with optional exit code as argument.

--connect-timeout [arg]

Timeout for connecting to rdm in ms (default 1000).

Project management


Clear projects.

--project|-w [optional]

With arg, select project matching that if unique, otherwise list all projects.

--delete-project|-W [arg]

Delete all projects matching regex.

--job-count|-j [optional]

Set or query current job count. (Prefix with l to set low-priority-job-count).

Indexing commands

--compile|-c [optional]

Pass compilation arguments to rdm.


Guess compile flags (used with -c).

--load-compile-commands|-J [optional]

Load compile_commands.json from directory

--suspend|-X [optional]

Dump suspended files (don't track changes in these files) with no arg. Otherwise toggle suspension for arg.

Query commands

--follow-location|-f [arg]

Follow this location.

--references-name|-R [arg]

Find references matching arg.

--references|-r [arg]

Find references matching this location.

--list-symbols|-S [optional]

List symbol names matching arg.

--find-symbols|-F [optional]

Find symbols matching arg.

--symbol-info|-U [arg]

Get cursor info for this location.

--status|-s [optional]

Dump status of rdm. Arg can be symbols or symbolNames.

--diagnose [arg]

Resend diagnostics for file.


Resend diagnostics for all files.


Get timestamp of the last time indexing completed for the current project.

--is-indexed|-T [arg]

Check if rtags knows about, and is ready to return information about, this source file.

--is-indexing [optional]

Check if rtags is currently indexing files in any project or in project matching pattern.

--has-filemanager [optional]

Check if rtags has info about files in this directory.

--preprocess|-E [arg]

Preprocess file.

--asm [arg]

Assemble file.

--reindex|-V [optional]

Reindex all files or all files matching pattern.

--check-reindex|-x [optional]

Check if reindexing is necessary for all files matching pattern.

--path|-P [optional]

Print files matching pattern.


Print path for current project.

--dump-file|-d [arg]

Dump source file.

--check-includes [arg]

Check includes for source file.

--dump-file-maps [arg]

Dump file maps for file.

--generate-test [arg]

Generate a test for a given source file.


Receive logs from rdm.

--fixits [arg]

Get fixits for file.

--remove|-D [arg]

Remove file from project.

--find-project-root [arg]

Use to check behavior of find-project-root.

--find-project-build-root [arg]

Use to check behavior of find-project-root for builds.

--include-file [arg]

Use to generate include statement for symbol.

--sources [optional]

Dump sources for source file.

--dependencies [arg]

Dump dependencies for source file [(includes, included-by, depends-on, depended-on, tree-depends-on, raw)].


Dump dependencies for all source files [(includes, included-by, depends-on, depended-on, tree-depends-on, raw)].


Reload file manager.


Output XML for xmltoman to generate man page for rc :-)

--code-complete-at|-l [arg]

Code complete at location: arg is file:line:col.

--send-diagnostics [arg]

Only for debugging. Send data to all -G connections.


Dump cached completions.


Dump compilation database for project.

--set-buffers [optional]

Set active buffers (list of filenames for active buffers in editor).


List active buffers.

--add-buffers [arg]

Add additional buffers.

--remove-buffers [arg]

Remove buffers.


List spelling for known cursor kinds.

--class-hierarchy [arg]

Dump class hierarcy for struct/class at location.

--debug-locations [optional]

Manipulate debug locations.


Validate database files for current project.

--tokens [arg]

Dump tokens for file. --tokens file.cpp:123-321 for range.

--find-dead-functions [optional]

Find functions declared/defined in the current file that are never in the project.

Command flags


Strip parens in various contexts.

--max|-M [arg]

Max lines of output for queries.


Sort output reversed.


Used for --references to indicate that we're using the results to rename symbols.

--unsaved-file [arg]

Pass unsaved file on command line. E.g. --unsaved-file=main.cpp:1200 then write 1200 bytes on stdin.

--log-file|-L [arg]

Log to this file.


Don't print context for locations.

--path-filter|-i [arg]

Filter out results not matching with arg.

--dependency-filter [arg]

Filter out results unless argument depends on them.

--range-filter [arg]

Filter out results not in the specified range.


Don't exempt system headers from path filters.


Include definitions/declarations/constructors/destructors for references. Used for rename symbol.


Print all matching usr targets for -f. Used for debugging.


Print multiple targets for -f. Sorted by best match.


Output elisp: (list "one" "two" ...).


Output json.


Output json diagnostics with skipped ranges.


Receive async formatted diagnostics from rdm.


Treat various text patterns as regexps (-P, -i, -V, -F).


Match case insensitively


Print files with absolute path.

--socket-file|-n [arg]

Use this socket file (default ~/.rdm).

--socket-address [arg]

Use this host:port combination (instead of --socket-file).

--timeout|-y [arg]

Max time in ms to wait for job to finish (default no timeout).


Use in combinations with -R or -r to show other implementations of this function.


Use to make --find-file prefer exact matches over partial matches.


Use to make --symbol-info include parent symbols.


Use to make --symbol-info include target symbols.


Use to make --symbol-info include reference symbols.


Use to make --symbol-info include baseclasses' symbols.


Include cursor kind in --find-symbols output.


Include display name in --find-symbols output.

--current-file [arg]

Pass along which file is being edited to give rdm a better chance at picking the right project.


Filter out definitions (unless inline).


Filter out declarations (unless inline).

--kind-filter [arg]

Only return results matching this kind.


Include name of containing function in output.


Include location of containing function in output.

--build-index [arg]

For sources with multiple builds, use the arg'th.


For --source, only print compilation flags.


For --source, print one compilation flag per line.


For --source, print pwd for compile command on the first line.


For --dump-file, also dump dependencies.


Don't log this request in rdm.


Wait for completion results and print them to stdout.


Wait for diagnostics and print them to stdout.


Output XML


Don't sort references by input position.

--project-root [arg]

Override project root for compile commands.

--rtags-config [arg]

Print out .rtags-config for argument.


Expand * like wildcards in --list-symbols and --find-symbols.


Don't colorize context.


Wait for reindexing to finish.


Include macros in code completion results.


Give includes in completion results.


Don't wait for synchronous completion if the translation unit has to be created.

--code-complete-prefix [arg]

Filter out code completion results that don't start with this prefix.


Inform rdm that we're code-completing. Use with --diagnose


Don't produce spell check info in diagnostics.


Include symbols for tokens.


Don't resolve paths using realpath(3).

--include-path [arg]

Dump include path for symbol.

--max-depth [arg]

Max search depth. Used for --include-path.

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