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ocf_pacemaker_ClusterMon - Man Page

Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the cluster status to an HTML file


[OCF_RESKEY_user=string] [OCF_RESKEY_update=integer] [OCF_RESKEY_extra_options=string] [OCF_RESKEY_pidfile=string] [OCF_RESKEY_htmlfile=string]

ClusterMon [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all]


This is a ClusterMon Resource Agent. It outputs current cluster status to the html.

Supported Parameters

OCF_RESKEY_user = string [root]

The user we want to run crm_mon as

The user we want to run crm_mon as

OCF_RESKEY_update = integer [15000]

Update interval in milliseconds

How frequently should we update the cluster status (in milliseconds). For compatibility with old documentation, values less than 1000 will be treated as seconds.

OCF_RESKEY_extra_options = string []

Extra options

Additional options to pass to crm_mon. Eg. -n -r

OCF_RESKEY_pidfile = string [/tmp/ClusterMon_.pid]

PID file

PID file location to ensure only one instance is running

OCF_RESKEY_htmlfile = string [/tmp/ClusterMon_.html]

HTML output

Location to write HTML output to.


Andrew Beekhof <andrew@beekhof.net>



07/10/2024 Pacemaker Configuration