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nn_survey - Man Page

survey scalability protocol


#include <nanomsg/nn.h>

#include <nanomsg/survey.h>


Allows to broadcast a survey to multiple locations and gather the responses.

Socket Types


Used to send the survey. The survey is delivered to all the connected respondents. Once the query is sent, the socket can be used to receive the responses. When the survey deadline expires, receive will return ETIMEDOUT error.


Use to respond to the survey. Survey is received using receive function, response is sent using send function. This socket can be connected to at most one peer.

Socket Options


Specifies how long to wait for responses to the survey. Once the deadline expires, receive function will return ETIMEDOUT error and all subsequent responses to the survey will be silently dropped. The deadline is measured in milliseconds. Option type is int. Default value is 1000 (1 second).

See Also

nn_bus(7) nn_pubsub(7) nn_reqrep(7) nn_pipeline(7) nn_pair(7) nanomsg(7)


Martin Sustrik

Referenced By

nanomsg(7), nn_bus(7), nn_pair(7), nn_pipeline(7), nn_pubsub(7), nn_reqrep(7), nn_socket(3).

2024-01-25 nanomsg 1.1.5