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ncid_plugins - Man Page

NCID client plugins overview


Plugins are distributed or user defined scripts, or programs, launched from either the Plugins Menu, or the Context Menu with one or more variables from the selected call line.

Plugins are configured in ncid.conf using the following format:

   {"<plugin label>" "<command [options] {[arguments]} {[argumenats]} {...}>"}

A plugin is executed by clicking on the Plugin Menu, or Context Menu, Name.

A plugin is removed by either deleting its line or adding a '#' before <label>, spaces are optional:

   {"[spaces]#[spaces]<label>" "<command [options] [arguments]>"}

A comment for a plugin can be added in this line format: "# <comment>"

The current plugins distributed with NCID are:

Plugins Menu:

Hello World Example

Example plugin menu item in ncid.conf using messages_dialog plugin:
{"Hello World Example" "message_dialog {info} {Hello World}"}

Context Menu:

US Number Info

Reverse search on US phonenumber, using https://www.usphonebook.com

Context Menu:

Display ncid variables

Display ncid variable names and variable data for a selected history line.



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