mh-chart - Man Page

chart of all nmh commands and their options


ali [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-list | -nolist] [-user | -nouser] [aliases ...]

anno [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-component field] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-date | -nodate] [-draft] [-append] [-list] [-delete] [-number [num|all]] [-preserve | -nopreserve] [-text body]

/usr/libexec/nmh/ap [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format string] [-width columns] addrs ...

burst [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-mime | -nomime] [-automime] [-quiet | -noquiet] [-verbose | -noverbose]

comp [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-form formfile] [-use | -nouse] [-file file] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-width columns] [-from address] [-to address] [-cc address] [-fcc +folder] [-subject text] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-build]

dist [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-form formfile] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-width columns] [-from address] [-to address] [-cc address] [-fcc +folder] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-atfile] [-noatfile]

/usr/libexec/nmh/dp [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format string] [-width columns] dates ...

flist [-help] [-version] [+folder1 [+folder2 ...]] [-sequence name1 [-sequence name2 ...]] [-all | -noall] [-showzero | -noshowzero] [-recurse | -norecurse] [-fast | -nofast] [-alpha | -noalpha]

flists is equivalent to flist -all

/usr/libexec/nmh/fmtdump [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format string]

fmttest [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format formatstring] [-address | -raw | -date | -message] [-file | -nofile] [--component component-text] [-dupaddrs | -nodupaddrs] [-ccme | -noccme] [-outsize size-in-characters] [-width column-width] [-msgnum number] [-msgcur flag] [-msgsize size] [-unseen flag] [-dump | -nodump] [-trace | -notrace] [+folder] [msgs | strings]

folder [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-all | -noall] [-create | -nocreate] [-fast | -nofast] [-header | -noheader] [-recurse | -norecurse] [-total | -nototal] [-list | -nolist] [-push | -pop] [-pack | -nopack] [-print | -noprint] [-verbose | -noverbose]

folders is equivalent to folder -all

forw [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-form formfile] [-format | -noformat] [-filter filterfile] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-mime | -nomime] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-width columns] [-from address] [-to address] [-cc address] [-fcc +folder] [-subject text] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-dashstuffing | -nodashstuffing] [-build] [-file msgfile]

forw [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-digest list] [-issue number] [-volume number] [other switches for forw]

inc [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-audit audit-file] [-noaudit] [-changecur | -nochangecur] [-form formfile] [-format string] [-file name] [-silent | -nosilent] [-truncate | -notruncate] [-width columns] [-host hostname] [-port portname/number] [-user username] [-proxy command] [-sasl | -nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-authservice service] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-certverify | -nocertverify] [-snoop]

/usr/libexec/nmh/install-mh [-help] [-version] [-auto] [-check]

mark [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-sequence name ...] [-add | -delete | -list] [-public | -nopublic] [-zero | -nozero] [-empty | -noempty] [-range | -norange]

/usr/libexec/nmh/mkstemp [-help] [-version] [-directory directory] [-prefix prefix] [-suffix suffix]

mhbuild [-help] [-version] file [-auto | -noauto] [-list | -nolist] [-realsize | -norealsize] [-headers | -noheaders] [-directives | -nodirectives] [-rfc934mode | -norfc934mode] [-contentid | -nocontentid] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-disposition | -nodisposition] [-headerencoding encoding-algorithm | -autoheaderencoding] [-maxunencoded line-length] [-dist]

mhfixmsg [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs | absolute pathname | -file file] [-decodetext 8bit|7bit|binary | -nodecodetext] [-decodetypes type/[subtype][,...]] [-decodeheaderfieldbodies utf-8 | -nodecodeheaderfieldbodies] [-crlflinebreaks | -nocrlflinebreaks] [-textcharset charset | -notextcharset] [-reformat | -noreformat] [-replacetextplain | -noreplacetextplain] [-fixboundary | -nofixboundary] [-fixcte | -nofixcte] [-checkbase64 | -nocheckbase64] [-fixtype mimetype] [-outfile outfile] [-rmmproc program] [-normmproc] [-changecur | -nochangecur] [-verbose | -noverbose]

mhical [-help] [-version] [-form formatfile] [-format formatstring] [[-reply accept | decline | tentative] | -cancel] [-attendee address] [-contenttype] [-infile infile] [-outfile outfile] [-unfold] [-debug]

/usr/libexec/nmh/mhl [-help] [-version] [-bell | -nobell] [-clear | -noclear] [-folder +folder] [-form formfile] [-length lines] [-width columns] [-moreproc program] [-nomoreproc] [-fmtproc program] [-nofmtproc] [files ...]

mhlist [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-prefer content] ... [-noprefer] [-headers | -noheaders] [-realsize | -norealsize] [-changecur | -nochangecur] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-disposition | -nodisposition]

This implementation is no longer supported but is left here for information. That's because Google now only supports POP except with a private client ID. Also, it no longer supports OOB requests to Google's OAuth 2.0 authorization endpoint.

mhlogin [-help] [-version] [-user username] [-saslmech mechanism] [-authservice service] [-browser command] [-snoop]

mhmail [-help] [-version] [-to] addrs ... [-attach file] [-body text] [-cc addrs ...] [-from addr] [-headerfield name:value] [-subject subject] [-resent] [switches for post ... | -profile [switches for send ...]] [-send | -nosend]

mhmail with no arguments is equivalent to inc

mhn [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-show | -noshow] [-list | -nolist] [-store | -nostore] [-headers | -noheaders] [-realsize | -norealsize] [-serialonly | -noserialonly] [-form formfile] [-pause | -nopause] [-auto | -noauto]

mhn -build file [-rfc934mode | -norfc934mode]

mhparam [-help] [-version] [components] [-all] [-component | -nocomponent] [-debug]

mhpath [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs]

mhshow [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-prefer content] ... [-noprefer] [-concat | -noconcat] [-textonly | -notextonly] [-inlineonly | -noinlineonly] [-header | -noheader] [-form formfile] [-markform formfile]

mhstore [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file file] [-outfile outfile] [-part number] ... [-type content] ... [-prefer content] ... [-noprefer] [-auto | -noauto] [-clobber always | auto | suffix | ask | never] [-verbose | -noverbose]

msgchk [-help] [-version] [-date | -nodate] [-notify all/mail/nomail ] [-nonotify all/mail/nomail ] [-host hostname] [-port portname/number] [-user username] [-sasl | -nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-certverify | -nocertverify] [-authservice service] [-snoop] [users ... ]

new [-help] [-version] [sequences] [-mode mode] [-folders foldersfile]

fnext is equivalent to new -mode fnext

fprev is equivalent to new -mode fprev

unseen is equivalent to new -mode unseen

next [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc program] [-header | -noheader] [-checkmime | -nocheckmime] [switches for showproc or showmimeproc]

packf [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-file name] [-mbox] [-mmdf]

pick [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-reverse ...] [-and ...] [-or ...] [-not ...] [-lbrace ... -rbrace] [--component pattern] [-cc pattern] [-date pattern] [-from pattern] [-search pattern] [-subject pattern] [-to pattern] [-after date] [-before date] [-datefield field] [-sequence name ...] [-nosequence] [-public | -nopublic] [-zero | -nozero] [-list | -nolist] [-debug]

/usr/libexec/nmh/post [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-filter filterfile] [-nofilter] [-format | -noformat] [-mime | -nomime] [-msgid | -nomsgid] [-messageid localname | random] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-watch | -nowatch] [-width columns] [-mts smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-sendmail program] [-server servername] [-port portname/number] [-sasl] [-nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-user username] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-snoop] file

prev [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc program] [-header | -noheader] [-checkmime | -nocheckmime] [switches for showproc or showmimeproc]

prompter [-help] [-version] [-erase chr] [-kill chr] [-prepend | -noprepend] [-rapid | -norapid] [-doteof | -nodoteof] file

/usr/libexec/nmh/rcvdist [-help] [-version] [-form formfile] [switches for postproc] address1 ...

/usr/libexec/nmh/rcvpack [-help] [-version] file [-mbox] [-mmdf]

/usr/libexec/nmh/rcvstore [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-create | -nocreate] [-unseen | -nounseen] [-zero | -nozero] [-sequence name ...] [-public | -nopublic]

/usr/libexec/nmh/rcvtty [-help] [-version] [command] [-form formatfile] [-format string] [-width columns] [-bell | -nobell] [-newline | -nonewline] [-biff]

refile [-help] [-version] [msgs] [-draft] [-link | -nolink] [-preserve | -nopreserve] [-retainsequences | -noretainsequences] [-unlink | -nounlink] [-src +folder] [-file file] [-rmmproc program] [-normmproc] +folder1 ...

repl [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msg] [-annotate | -noannotate] [-group | -nogroup] [-cc all/to/cc/me] [-nocc all/to/cc/me] [-query | -noquery] [-form formfile] [-format | -noformat] [-filter filterfile] [-inplace | -noinplace] [-mime | -nomime] [-fcc +folder] [-width columns] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-convertargs type argstring] [-whatnowproc program] [-nowhatnowproc] [-atfile] [-noatfile] [-fmtproc program] [-nofmtproc] [-build] [-file msgfile]

rmf [-help] [-version] [+folder] [-interactive | -nointeractive]

rmm [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-unlink | -nounlink] [-rmmproc program] [-normmproc]

scan [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-clear | -noclear] [-form formatfile] [-format string] [-header | -noheader] [-width columns] [-reverse | -noreverse] [-file filename]

send [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-draft] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-filter filterfile] [-nofilter] [-format | -noformat] [-forward | -noforward] [-mime | -nomime] [-msgid | -nomsgid] [-messageid localname | random] [-push | -nopush] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-watch | -nowatch] [-mts smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-sendmail program] [-server servername] [-port port-name/number] [-sasl] [-nosasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-authservice service] [-snoop] [-user username] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [-certverify] [-nocertverify] [-width columns] [file ...]

sendfiles [-help] [-version] [-compress bzip2 | compress | gzip | lzma | none]
[-from sender]
-to recipient -subject subject | recipient subject
file/directory1 [file/directory2 ...]

show [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-draft] [-showproc program] [-showmimeproc program] [-header | -noheader] [-checkmime | -nocheckmime] [-concat | -noconcat] [switches for showproc or showmimeproc]

/usr/libexec/nmh/slocal [-help] [-version] [-addr address] [-info data] [-sender sender] [-user username] [-mailbox mbox] [-file file] [-maildelivery deliveryfile] [-verbose | -noverbose] [-suppressdup | -nosuppressdup] [-debug]

sortm [-help] [-version] [+folder] [msgs] [-all | -noall] [-datefield field] [-textfield field] [-notextfield] [-limit days] [-nolimit] [-check | -nocheck] [-verbose | -noverbose]

whatnow [-help] [-version] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-editor editor] [-noedit] [-prompt string] [file]

whom [-help] [-version] [-alias aliasfile] [-check | -nocheck] [-draftfolder +folder] [-draftmessage msg] [-nodraftfolder] [-mts smtp | sendmail/smtp | sendmail/pipe] [-server servername] [-port port-name/number] [-sasl] [-saslmech mechanism] [-snoop] [-user username] [-tls] [-initialtls] [-notls] [file] [-draft]

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